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How to Spot Underappreciated Local Cougars

A lot of guys looking for local cougars are playing the game wrong. They think that cougars have to look like Jennifer Aniston. They think that these hot older women looking for younger guys have to automatically look like Courteney Cox. If this is your attitude, it’s no surprise that you are failing in your efforts at banging cougars again and again.

 How to Spot Underappreciated Local Cougars - Erotic Pics

The reason why is because you’ve set yourself up to fail. You have to remember that most local cougars don’t look like professional models. This doesn’t mean that they’re ugly. This doesn’t mean that they’re unattractive. What this does mean is that they’re real and the problem with hot, sexual demographics like cougars or sorority women is that the general public tends to come up with unrealistic images of these women.

These unrealistic imagery only work to undermine a guy’s success with these demographics. If you want to take your success level to a much higher level, then you need to simply say goodbye to all that shit. Really, it really is that simple. Focus instead on looking for local cougars who are underappreciated. These women may not be top models. They might not look like Heidi Klum, but it wouldn’t matter.

What matters is the amount of energy and the sense of excitement they bring to the table. At the end of the day when you’re having cougar sex with somebody, you’re communicating with that person. Sure, you may be using your body but you’re still communicating with that person. You want somebody who’s fun to be with. You want somebody who makes you feel comfortable. So, focus on spotting underappreciated cougars who may have a low self-esteem or who may feel overlooked. You’d be surprised as to how well they can rock your world.


How to Spot Underappreciated Local Cougars - Erotic Pics

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